Chain Stitch Tutorial

chain stitch tutorial
Chain stitch is certainly true to it’s name with it’s interlocking loops of thread that end up looking just like a, you guessed it, chain.

This stitch works well as an outline and flows around curves easily.  If you stitch multiple rows next to each other, you will see a cool textured filling emerge.

chain stitch tutorial
Bring your needle up at your starting point and then go down at the same point.

chain stitch tutorial
Don’t pull your thread all the way through here.  Leave a small loop like in the picture above.

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Color Palette Sneak Peek

embroidery color palette
A lot has been happening around here at Lovely Messes.  I’ve been sketching up a storm and have chosen five new color palettes to show you today for upcoming kits.  Also my husband and I started to create an actual studio/office space for me, yahoo!

We’ll focus on the colors today and the studio plans soon, I’ve already started an awesome studio pinboard!

Color is a huge part of how I create.  The colors swirl in my mind and patterns start to form and if I’m lucky I have a notebook with me to sketch it before I lose it.

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Gathered Goodness

Gathered Goodness is a weekly digest of posts around the web curated just for you. Be inspired and enjoy!


How to Create Bright and Sharp iPhone Photos ~ A Beautiful Mess 

I’m always looking for ways to improve my camera photography.  These tips are super easy to implement starting today, even for non iPhone users.


The Answer is Less ~ Be More With Less

So much of the past couple years has been spent with me striving for less so I agree with so much of what she answers less to (especially less tv).

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French Knot Tutorial

french knot tutorial French knots add so much texture and fun to embroidery that it should be one of the first stitches you learn.  Everything from one little dot to a whole cluster of knots can add really cool effects to your next piece of stitching.

Some people get frustrated when learning french knots, like I did when I was younger, so I will try to be as clear as I can with the instructions so you can figure it out for good.  Don’t give up until you practice for a little bit, you will get it.

This is what helps me get consistently shaped knots every single time:

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Abuzz With Excitement For Meaningful Gift Giving

Kenya hand embroidery
Are you ever creating something that you can tell is going to turn out even better than what you pictured in your head?  Have you had that happen while working on a super special gift?

This just happened to me this past week!  My sister-in-law was in Kenya a couple weeks ago with The Kilgoris Project.  I knew I wanted to make her something for when she came home and decided to do a map of Africa.

Her room is filled with minty greens and soft grays so I opened my embroidery floss boxes and started pulling out colors.  I ended up with 10 different colors to work with which ended up being the perfect amount.  With that many I didn’t have any of the same colors next to each other.

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