Stitching is the perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.  It’s simple to learn and effectively lowers your stress levels while allowing you to create something beautiful.

Soothe your overworked mind and ease the tension in your schedule-driven life.  Allow yourself a chance to slow down your day.

Many choices are available.

The Stitch Experience kits offer you a chance to learn to stitch with no pattern.  It is a free form method of stitching where you fill up your hoop completely with seed stitch in a variety of colors.

You can dive into the dazzling blues of the deep blue sea, imagine the crackling noise of a soothing fire, or plunge into your own coral reef dive.

Our modern stitch samplers are designed with simplicity in mind.  They each focus on one to two stitches at a time so that you can learn a new stitch with ease.  Visit the shop for new embroidery kits added on a regular basis.

We also have a variety of embroidery patterns.  For those of you who may already have a stash of fabric and thread and don’t need a full kit but prefer an instant downloadable pattern.

The Stitch Experience


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My Favorite Embroidery Tools (a Perfect Starter Kit)

Embroidery Tools
I’m breaking down another barrier between you and your first stitching project.  After today you will know what you need to start stitching, so no more excuses about not knowing what supplies to choose.  Are you ready?  Here are my favorite supplies and, wouldn’t you know, they would make a fantastic starter kit for you.

Needles – Any embroidery needle will do, but these embroidery needles are the ones I send out in my kits.

Embroidery floss – I learned how to stitch using DMC floss so I’m a bit biased.  There are all kinds of threads that you can learn to stitch with, but I usually stick to good old DMC. There are a ton of colors and I find them at my local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and a very limited stash at Walmart.  An assorted color pack is a great way to start with a variety of colors.  You can also grab the new DMC color assortment.

Fabric – The fabric I send out in my kits is kona cotton white, but the good news is you can stitch on just about anything.  Vintage sheets, scraps of fabric, t-shirts, jeans, anything that might need some cute stitchy details!

Embroidery hoops – I prefer wooden embroidery hoops from 4 inches to 7 inches.  They are easy to hold, keep the fabric nice and tight, and the size of the project won’t overwhelm you.  I send 4 inch wooden embroidery hoops in each of my embroidery kits.

Scissors – Obviously you can use whatever scissors you have on hand, but I am an embroidery snips convert.  I have to find my scissors before I start stitching because they make it so much easier.  I bought mine at a local quilt shop so I don’t remember the brand, but you can find DMC Embroidery Scissors and also Gingher, who makes my favorite fabric shears.

Fabric pen or pencil – To trace patterns I switch between a disappearing ink pen and a regular pencil.  If I know I’m going to be finishing a pattern within a day or two I use the pen, if it will take me longer than that and I know the marks will be hidden I use a pencil.

Stitch Dictionary – My absolute favorite book to learn stitches is Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches.  I have a vintage edition, but the new edition with colors is super easy to follow.  There are hundreds of stitches shown in this book, it will keep you busy for a long time.

I hope this helps you navigate the wide range of embroidery tools available so you can start finding relaxation through stitching today.

Do you have any embroidery tool must haves?  Tell me about them below.

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