Pantry Organization

I tackled my kitchen pantry area since last week and I am so happy to show you the results.  All it took was some fresh paint, a couple of baskets, and purging to make a huge difference.

This project all started because of a cabinet that needs to hold baby stuff in a few months. The spices were one big problem.  They took up so much room in there and it was hard to see what we had.  The mixing bowls and colanders have already found a new home in another cabinet that was recently purged.  The only thing left is the medicine area, yay!

I noticed some long skinny baskets in the junk drawer and decided to hang them on the pantry wall to hold the spices.  It was an awesome solution.  Now I can see what I have and duplicates could go on the baking shelf.  But, look how dirty the wall is to the right. Since I had leftover paint from the kitchen I decided it was a great time to give it a fresh coat.  Plus, since it was the end of the month the pantry was pretty empty so easier to purge!

Here is the before and I apologize in advance for the wonky pictures.  My pantry is situated in a little hallway and it’s super difficult to get decent ones, but we’ll go with it.

Semi organized, but when it’s full it’s kind of a mess.

The baking shelf was the worst, not organized at all!

After some fresh paint it already looked better!

I added a basket to the second shelf down to hold opened bags of snacks so they aren’t just laying everywhere anymore.  Then I found some stacking shelves at the dollar store and used them on the baking shelf on the bottom.  It freed up so much space I was amazed!

I think those baseboards need a fresh coat as well, yikes!

Here are the spice racks again.

Grand total spent on the pantry makeover equals $2 for the stacking shelves.  It’s amazing what you can do when you look around for new purposes for items that you already have.  Using the baskets for the spices led to a junk drawer reorganization as well, but I’ll save that for another post.

Could your pantry use an easy makeover?

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