Stitching is the perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.  It’s simple to learn and effectively lowers your stress levels while allowing you to create something beautiful.

Soothe your overworked mind and ease the tension in your schedule-driven life.  Allow yourself a chance to slow down your day.

Many choices are available.

An embroidery kit has everything you need to get started.  These are perfect for the beginner stitcher who doesn’t have any supplies at home and wants to try out a new craft.

Choose from our modern stitch samplers or our new line of outline map kits.

We also have a variety of embroidery patterns.  For those of you who may already have a stash of fabric and thread and don’t need a full kit but prefer an instant downloadable pattern.

The Stitch Experience


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50 Instagram Feeds You Don’t Want to Miss

Instagram @lovelymesses

Being such a visual person, instagram is my social media love language.  There are so many beautiful feeds on there so I thought I would give you a list of some of my favorites.  These people inspire me with their creativity, their faith, their photography, their stitching, their outlooks on life, and so much more.  Some of the fifty on this list are sure to inspire you in some way too.  In no particular order:

  1. @lovelymesses (Yes, that’s me!)
  2. @charitywater
  3. @maggiewhitley
  4. @jerseyicecreamco
  5. @thenester
  6. @lisajobaker
  7. @meganauman
  8. @penelope_dullaghan
  9. @happy_little_lovelies
  10. @babeeandme
  11. @stitch_and_shadow
  12. @threadfolk
  13. @abeautifulmessofficial
  14. @emilyblincoe
  15. @merriweatherc
  16. @cinderandhoney
  17. @valmariepaper
  18. @helen_dardik
  19. @margdierembroidery
  20. @ashleygoldberg
  21. @dandelyne
  22. @heatherbailey
  23. @thefoxintheattic
  24. @amandarydell
  25. @winsomeeasel
  26. @goinghometoroost
  27. @brittnimehlhoff
  28. @mayicarles
  29. @lisarupp
  30. @clarenicolson
  31. @pen_and_paint
  32. @rarepearstudio
  33. @heypaul
  34. @alisonglass
  35. @brightbazaar
  36. @ameliemancini
  37. @_jujujust_
  38. @bobetsyhandembroidery
  39. @graceandsalt
  40. @designsponge
  41. @peachesandkeen
  42. @nicole_franzen
  43. @julieskitchen
  44. @leelacyd
  45. @llruth
  46. @sheila_gim
  47. @environmentsofgrace
  48. @katiedidandco
  49. @natgeo
  50. @stitchredux
  51. Add your instagram and share your favorites in the comments below!
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