Stitching is the perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.  It’s simple to learn and effectively lowers your stress levels while allowing you to create something beautiful.

Soothe your overworked mind and ease the tension in your schedule-driven life.  Allow yourself a chance to slow down your day.

Many choices are available.

The Stitch Experience kits offer you a chance to learn to stitch with no pattern.  It is a free form method of stitching where you fill up your hoop completely with seed stitch in a variety of colors.

You can dive into the dazzling blues of the deep blue sea, imagine the crackling noise of a soothing fire, or plunge into your own coral reef dive.

Our modern stitch samplers are designed with simplicity in mind.  They each focus on one to two stitches at a time so that you can learn a new stitch with ease.  Visit the shop for new embroidery kits added on a regular basis.

We also have a variety of embroidery patterns.  For those of you who may already have a stash of fabric and thread and don’t need a full kit but prefer an instant downloadable pattern.

The Stitch Experience


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Creativity Expressed: in a Hoop

embroidery hoop process

I find the most fluid way to start an embroidery project is to look at color and pattern.

Everyday I am aware of color and pattern and if something strikes me I will take a photo or sketch something so I have it for later.  I use evernote and pinterest to collect things online and a sketchbook for everything else.

Where do I find color and pattern in the everyday?  I’ve noticed that a walk outside, browsing through the items at a favorite store, or flipping through magazines at a bookstore are fantastic resources for new images.  It’s always good to get out to fill up your well.  I especially love nature and architecture.

Put an easy system in place for collecting your images and then when it’s time to create you will be all set.

The colors I’ve been drawn to lately are mustard and charcoal since it’s starting to feel a bit chilly here.


While I’m prepping a project I go through my files and pick a few that look interesting. The majority of the time I go to color first, like on my color Pinterest board.  I will open all of my thread boxes and pull colors until I have a collection that I like.  Sometimes it matches the inspiration photo completely and other times it’s just a jumping off point.

embroidery floss mustard and charcoal

I liked the idea of stitching on charcoal this time instead of white so my embroidery floss colors ended up being white, mustard, and light gray.  I usually choose at least 3 colors when stitching, but you can choose however many you like for the design you are stitching.

Once I have colors I go check out patterns like on my pattern and design Pinterest board.  When something grabs my attention I will sketch it out in a few different designs until I like it. Once I have a design set I transfer it to my fabric with pencil or a fabric pen.

The colors of fall and the fact that my favorite flower is a sunflower kickstarted the ideas churning through my mind.





sunflower sketch

If I don’t have time to stitch right then I will put the threads, fabric, a hoop, and a needle in a little bag so that I can grab it when I’m ready.

Here are some photos of the sunflower stitched up partially.  If you’d like to see it finished I post updates of the projects I’m working on on Instagram.

sunflower embroidery sunflower embroidery

Some days I like to have more freedom in my stitching and I will work on an art journal embroidery piece.  I have no idea if that’s even a thing, but I took the ideas from art journaling and transferred it to my hoop so I like to call it that.  I like to do things like layering, adding words, experimenting, and practicing.  This is like the equivalent of a stitching playground.  You can break rules, see how stitches look together, or how colors look together, and it doesn’t matter how it turns out.  Usually an art journal piece starts with a scrap of fabric that inspires me to stitch.

art journal embroidery

When you are first starting out you may be more comfortable following some instructions, which is why I created a free embroidery pattern for you to try first.

Stitching can be a way for you to escape the relentless pace of everyday life.  Each night I sit with my stitching and just release the day.  Sometimes I watch tv with my husband while I’m stitching and other times I like to put on quiet music instead. Experiment and see what helps you relax.

All you need is 10 minutes a day to start seeing a small shift in how you perceive your life right now. Once you slow down a bit, you may find that you start craving more of it and that’s when the adventure really begins.

What’s holding you back from trying embroidery today?

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