Stitching is the perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.  It’s simple to learn and effectively lowers your stress levels while allowing you to create something beautiful.

Soothe your overworked mind and ease the tension in your schedule-driven life.  Allow yourself a chance to slow down your day.

Many choices are available.

The Stitch Experience kits offer you a chance to learn to stitch with no pattern.  It is a free form method of stitching where you fill up your hoop completely with seed stitch in a variety of colors.

You can dive into the dazzling blues of the deep blue sea, imagine the crackling noise of a soothing fire, or plunge into your own coral reef dive.

Our modern stitch samplers are designed with simplicity in mind.  They each focus on one to two stitches at a time so that you can learn a new stitch with ease.  Visit the shop for new embroidery kits added on a regular basis.

We also have a variety of embroidery patterns.  For those of you who may already have a stash of fabric and thread and don’t need a full kit but prefer an instant downloadable pattern.

The Stitch Experience


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Gathered Goodness

Gathered Goodness
My newest favorite stitching resource Mastering the Art of Embroidery by Sophie Long is filled with amazing samples and stitch tutorials all with a fantastic modern twist.  If you’re looking for inspiration and new things to learn pick it up today.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win some amazing bundles of products at Maggie Whitley Designs.  My arrow embroidery kit is a part of the Cozy Fall Essentials bundle.  It’s easy to enter and you might find a favorite new artisan.

I appreciate any ideas to help me simplify my life, so here are 10 Small Ways to Declutter on the Fly.  One of my favorite things to do is similar to her take 10.  We call it the 10 minute tidy, I saw that on a blog somewhere.  We set a timer for 10 minutes and clean up as much as we can.  It’s amazing how doing that everyday drastically reduces the clutter.

Enjoy your weekend!

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