New Look at Hospitality

If you haven’t discovered Edie yet you are missing out on some huge inspiration for so many areas of life.  She participated in the 31 days series and wrote about hospitality.  The whole series was fantastic, you should go read it now!

Two of the posts that have been sticking with me ever since were the ones about hospitality beginning in the bedroom.  For some reason our bedroom always gets the shaft.  Every other room in the house seems to get special treatment compared to ours. Our bedroom ends up being the holding area for things I don’t know what to do with and toys migrate there and even though it’s clean it just seems like it’s always in disarray.

After reading Edie’s posts I was determined to do something about our bedroom.  I want it to be cozy and warm, beautiful and romantic, a welcoming place for us to share our lives and hearts.  A place where we are super comfortable hanging out together and making time to put each other first.

Over the next few months it is going to go through some dramatic changes.  I have before pictures to show you and I’m a bit embarrassed about the lack of anything exciting in here. But, if we are starting from here it can only get better!

Clutter, clutter everywhere.  The crocheted blanket was a gift and while I love the warmth and heaviness it should really be under the bedspread for the look I’m going for in here. The only wall art in the entire room is a picture my son drew of mario.  I love his drawings, but maybe not hanging here.

Yowzers, more clutter on the dresser.  That dresser was free!  I think it’s going to end up in the nursery so that will be getting a makeover pronto!

Everyday mess, please don’t judge!

Not looking good from this direction either.

I love to read and journal, but I didn’t have a nightstand.  I finally found one at a yard sale last month after a year of searching.  It needs a makeover and will be holding that mess soon, yay!

After those revealing pictures, here is a pinboard with some ideas of where I want this room to go.  I think it is so helpful to start pinning images that strike you for some reason no matter what part of the house you are decorating.  The color palette will include yellow and gray.  A bunch of fun DIY projects are planned for this room now as well.  I have a nightstand to makeover, pillows to make, wall gallery items to conjure up, and who knows what else.

What room in your house could use a total makeover?

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    Up until about a year ago, I could say the same thing about our Master bedroom. It was the leftover room. Whatever leftover chair I wasn’t using, whatever old dresser. No headboard, bad bedding. Finally, last Christmas my husband built me a nice headboard and bought me a duvet cover I had really been wanting. I painted, hung curtains and pictures, and now it is much more inviting. I can’t wait to see what you do to yours!

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