Everything In It’s Place

Having things organized in our homes leads to more intentional living.  When I know exactly where the stamps are or a screwdriver or a certain spice to cook with it saves me time.  Saving time leads to less stressful moments and smoother days.  For me anyway!

I recently organized our junk drawers, yes plural, it was that bad.  Are you picturing yours in your head right now?

We have been in this house a little over a year and this is the first time I actually went through the stuff that had collected in there.  I realized half of it belonged in other places and that led me to believe I could purge some more and condense it all into one drawer.

The spice problem is what started all of this.  I needed the baskets in this drawer to hold the spices so then the drawer ended up even messier and I knew there had to be a better solution.

Here’s the before:

Those two drawers were condensed into this one:

That’s a lot of batteries!  We aren’t usually stocked so well but my mother in law was just in town.

What I purged:

  • pens, markers, and highlighters that weren’t working anymore
  • items that belonged in other areas of the house (printer labels, an extra drawer organizer, kid pens, random nails and screws)
  • old printer ink
  • extra calculators
  • old budget sheets

Once I had purged those items it was really easy to organize it into one.  Now I have an empty drawer, which is awesome, but I need to figure out a purpose for it or it could become overflow junk again.

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  1. says

    We only have one drawer in the kitchen. My husband is a bit of a paper hoarder, so I know he has stacks spread around, but they’re hidden from view so I pretend they don’t exist!

    • Jen says

      Sometimes I ignore it too, but eventually it drives me nuts and I have to come up with a solution! Of course, I’m the one with stacks and clutter everywhere.

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