Duct Tape Art


I’ve seen some really cool projects made out of duct tape lately.  Who knew duct tape would become a trend?  For my Halloween mantel I’m trying to use what I have to make the decor.  The only item I had to purchase for this project was the duct tape.

At first I was hoping I had an empty frame with glass to I could try painting some chevrons on.  When I searched I found this empty black frame and knew I could make it work in another way.  One brainstorm later I realized this could be my opportunity to try out some duct tape art.

I had a piece of cardboard large enough to go inside the frame, but I wanted it white so I spray painted it.  Once it was dry I started placing strips of tape, I cut my strips at about 3-4 inches.

Since this is for Halloween I wanted it to be wonky and imperfect.  But, if I was going to make one for everyday decor I would measure out the points of my chevrons to make sure they are all even.

Yay for wonky chevrons!

Remember this is a progressive Halloween mantel so here it is so far!

This was a super easy and inexpensive project.  I’m also making some duct tape roses to add to the mantel, stay tuned for them!

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