Free Halloween Printables

There are so many cute printables around this year.  I love using them for small gifts or just to send a greeting!

Here are two printable Halloween cards to send a spooky greeting to your friends and family. Not too many people expect Halloween mail so surprise someone special with some fun mail this year.

Click on the link below to download your free cards.  Feel free to pass along the link to this blog post so your friends can download some cards too.

Printable Halloween Cards

Which card do you like the best?

For more fun Halloween projects check out the spiderweb tutorial, yarn wrapped pumpkin project, and the diy Halloween silhouette plates!

Happy Halloween!

I’m linking up to Tatertots and Jello, DIY Showoff, One Creative Mommy, and Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog this week!

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Part 2: Lego Party – Favors, Games, and a Free Printable

On to the fun details of our lego party! Let’s start with the favor and dessert table.  It included the lego cake, bags of popcorn, build your own magnet sets, lego candy bags, and pencil’s with lego man toppers.

We went to our local lego store and went to the pick a brick wall to build the magnet sets.  Each bag included a 4×8 base plate and about 9 other lego pieces.  I hot glued circle magnets to the back of the base plates, we put all the pieces in a bag, added the toppers, and voila!!  Amazing little favors that received bunches of compliments.  The lego candy bags followed the same idea.

Download your own lego bag toppers at the end of the post.

At Hobby Lobby I saw the small snack bags in lego colors and I thought they would be perfect for popcorn.  It was a great way to add more color to the table.

I printed out lego man heads for the pencil toppers.  All I had to do was cut them out and glue the edges together around the pencil, then they are easy to slip off too.

We were having a large crowd for this party so I had to choose games that would work well with a lot of kids.  I’m so glad they were all suited for indoors as well because it ended up raining during the party.

As the kids arrived they each got a slip of paper with their name on it so they could play I Spy the Lego Guy.  I hid lego men around the house and they had to find them and guess how many they thought there were.  I thought it might be too easy and end up with multiple winners, but it actually worked out great!

Next we played place your name on the seven (version of pin the tail).  I used circle sticker labels and printed their names onto them, it made it so easy and didn’t destroy my wall!  I missed an action shot on this one, but here is the lego man all stickered up.  Since we don’t have a giant printer I ended up drawing him myself!

Last we played build the tallest tower in 90 seconds.

After the games we had pizza and cake, opened gifts, and it was all over.  If you have a lego loving boy or girl I would highly recommend a lego party.  Everything was a lot of fun to plan and the party was a hit!

Below you will find your free printable and links to the resources I used to plan our party!

Printable Bag Toppers

Lego candy – bag topper

Build your own magnet – bag topper


Lego man heads, coloring book (for tiny guest favors), and lego man boxes for prizes from Aussie Pumpkin Patch

Design your own lego man printable from Vermillion Rules

Pattern for I Spy the Lego Guy from Zakka Life

Games from

Lego candy for favors from Amazon

Balloons, streamers, and popcorn bags from Hobby Lobby

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Part 1: Lego Party – Decor and Cake

What a fun party we had on Saturday to celebrate Aidan’s 7th birthday!  When he decided he wanted a lego party I got excited because that is such a fun theme to work with.  It was so helpful to search around other blogs and grab some ideas so I’m going to share what we did as well.  Hopefully you will find something useful for your own lego party!

This party was all about details, adding lego themed items wherever I could.  My sister-in-law wrapped a bunch of boxes for me and I added dots so they would look like legos.  We used them at the entrance, on the mantle, and on the dessert/favor table.

Can you spot the name built out of legos on the mantle?  That was all Aidan’s idea, I loved it!  Streamers always add a bit of festivity to a room and we used a lot, but it looked awesome.  Super hard to get a decent picture though.

Lego man banner with some hand-drawn legos and a sign by Aidan.  I love that he wanted to add his own artwork to the party!

Cake making is one crafty area that I do not have the knack for, but I made the cake anyway and Aidan loved it.  That’s all that really matters, right?  I used oreos for the knobs on top.  I just wanted the legos to look stacked and it ended up being a backwards 7, oops!

Happy Birthday Aidan!

Stay tuned for part 2 which will include the dessert and favor table, games we played, resource links, and a free printable!

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Baby Shower DIY

My friend and I were the hostesses for another friends baby shower last weekend.  I wanted to keep the decor simple, inexpensive, but super cute.  Here are a few of the details that we had.

The only theme was purple since she is having her second girl.  So, I found this quilt I already had and used that to drape the table.  I cut out the little pendants hanging on the wall from purple cardstock.  The tissue paper flowers were the favors with m&m’s inside, yum!  Those little flowers received so many compliments and they were super easy to make.  I used this tutorial.

Fresh wildflowers really spruced up the dessert table and I love the mason jar vases.

I made baby cupcakes to go along with our dessert table.  I did not follow a tutorial, so I may make some more so I can give you a tutorial on them.  They are so cute and were really simple to make.

We had a lot of fun and she received a lot of great gifts for the new baby, we can’t wait to meet her!

Have you ever tried to make something without a tutorial?

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