How to Organize for Back to School

Back to School Organization

My mind is filled with lists: school supplies, lunches, snacks, conference times and open houses.  Starting school is a whirlwind of paperwork and emails. I’ve color coded my calendar, hung new hooks for backpacks, labeled lunch items, and attended events at two different schools.

All in an effort to attempt to organize this new life we are headed towards I’ve been setting up command center type areas.  I thought I would share some inspiration I’ve found to help me head off the avalanche of school stuff.

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Everything In It’s Place

Having things organized in our homes leads to more intentional living.  When I know exactly where the stamps are or a screwdriver or a certain spice to cook with it saves me time.  Saving time leads to less stressful moments and smoother days.  For me anyway!

I recently organized our junk drawers, yes plural, it was that bad.  Are you picturing yours in your head right now?

We have been in this house a little over a year and this is the first time I actually went through the stuff that had collected in there.  I realized half of it belonged in other places and that led me to believe I could purge some more and condense it all into one drawer.

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Pantry Organization

I tackled my kitchen pantry area since last week and I am so happy to show you the results.  All it took was some fresh paint, a couple of baskets, and purging to make a huge difference.

This project all started because of a cabinet that needs to hold baby stuff in a few months. The spices were one big problem.  They took up so much room in there and it was hard to see what we had.  The mixing bowls and colanders have already found a new home in another cabinet that was recently purged.  The only thing left is the medicine area, yay!

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Day 23 :: Fabric DIY

Yesterday we saw how easy it is for paint to transform a space, today let’s take a look at fabric.  Fabric is one of my favorite things to use to give something old or boring a new look.  For my new chalkboard wall command center I started with some cork tiles I found at a yard sale.

I decluttered what was actually on the fridge, but there are still some things that need to be readily available.  Instead of the fridge I wanted to use a bulletin board.

The cork boards are the perfect size, small enough that I can’t keep all the junk unnecessary items.  But on my pretty new wall I didn’t just want plain cork board.

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Day 22 :: Intentional Creativity

I had a revelation this past week about my home and my creativity.  William Morris inspired me.  Making my house look pretty is so much fun, I just never realized how much more functional it can be too.  I know that everything should have it’s place, but let me show you a little declutter experiment I am working on.  The difference between being functional only and between being pretty AND functional.

This area of my kitchen has been making me stressed out just looking at it.  There is clutter everywhere around the counter and refrigerator.  Have you ever noticed how clutter multiplies like rabbits?

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