One Word – Learn

One Word

This inspires me and frightens me, excites me and frustrates me, fuels my passions and humbles me through mistakes and lessons.

I can’t begin to list everything I want to learn this year, but here is a little taste.

Fun things I want to learn this year:

  • consistent prayer and communication with God
  • how to have more quality time as a family
  • how to make more time for friends
  • train and compete in a mini triathlon called the Ramblin’ Rose
  • accomplish goals in my business and blog
  • sharpen my drawing and embroidery skills
  • stay positive and determined throughout all circumstances

Not so fun but necessary things I want to learn this year:

  • discipline
  • a less exasperated and more fun parenting style
  • how to enjoy the mundane repetitive daily tasks

This is a powerful word and I am embracing it this year.

I’ll let you know how it’s going from time to time and if you would like to share your one word with me I would love to hear it!

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Crushed Leaf Turkey Art


I decided to make a little turkey project with my guy today and I wanted something easy and made with things we already had.  I kept thinking of those crushed egg shell pictures and looked outside at all of the crunchy brown leaves and my little brain light bulb went off.

What You Need:

  • a piece of paper (cardstock worked for us)
  • a small bag of crunchy leaves
  • glue stick
  • marker

1. Draw an outline of a turkey, we ended up doing a silhouette but you could also do one with the feathers out around him.


2. Crush up your crunchy leaves inside your bag.  Just close up your bag and let your kid have fun smushing up something they are allowed to smush.

3. Put glue on small areas and start pressing your leaf bits into it.



4. Cover it as much or as little as you want and then let your little one write the word turkey if they know how.



5. Hang up your piece of fall art work!


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Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup

Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup at Today’s Mama

If this is the only soup you make this winter your belly and the bellies of your loved ones will be happy.  It is one of my favorite soups ever!

We don’t usually add the celery but I think that’s the only alteration.  Serve it with bread or grilled cheese or even cheez-its.

So yummy!!

Do you have a favorite soup recipe?  I’m always on the lookout for new ones.  Tell me in the comments or by using #bloom31 on twitter.

To find the rest of the Bloom series go here. Don’t forget to check out the other 31 days topics at Nesting Place.

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Five Minute Friday – Red

Five minute friday is a chance to join hundreds of women sharing unedited writing from the heart using the same prompt.  Lisa-Jo Baker created this beautiful community. Won’t you join us?

This weeks prompt is: Red

My first Phillies baseball game was shared with my grandfather.  We watched them practice from the restaurant overlooking the field as their red uniforms pitched and swung and batted.  Then the excitement as we entered the stadium to find our seats overlooking the bright green of the field in the humid summer air of Philadelphia.

We watched them play hard and fast and had a blast dancing and singing and clapping throughout nine innings.  The Phillie Phanatic grabbed my heart and he has been my favorite mascot ever since.  Driving crazy on the four wheeler, dancing in the stands, having fun with the baseball fans.

Scores swinging back and forth like the batters and finally the Phillies take the win in the ninth.  My grandfather carried me back to the car in his arms, the gentle lull putting me to sleep.

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Letting Go Through Change

This week was a week in transition.

Transition between summer and school.

But even bigger, transition between homeschool and school.

My oldest has been with me for almost eight years, my second for almost six years.  We had a blast together learning, exploring, playing, and living.  Living out our hopes and our failures, riding the wild ups and downs of daily life, and enjoying the moments of calm.

Back to school


Now I’m sending them out to grow and learn and explore all kinds of new territory and this adventure at school is such an amazing gift.  I am so excited to see how they bloom in such new environments.

My heart crushes with the weight of how much I miss them, but then it’s flooded with joy when I get to hear about the excitement of their days.  And this is just elementary school and I still have the baby at home with me.  Watch out when I have to send her off to college!

I am handing this over to God because it’s all I know how to do.  I pray for peace and to find my own new adventure with a daughter by my side.

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