Simple Line Patterns With Back Stitch


Back stitch is one of the most useful stitches you can learn.  It is perfect for outlining, words, and even adding texture.  Above you can see the outline of the boots and the dress are back stitch.  It can be used in most patterns and combines with other stitches effortlessly.  The next pattern in our taste of stitching series will use back stitch to make scallops.

back stitch embroidery

Back stitch flowers

Back stitch lettering tutorial

Waste Knot, Want Not

embroidery knots

The most obvious way to start your stitching is to tie a knot on the end of your thread and stitch along.  That method is completely fine for many projects.  Sometimes you may want to switch it up because you don’t want a bump on the front of your project from a knot or if it’s washable you don’t want the knot to come untied.  There are two other ways you can learn to start your thread instead.

Away knot – Tie a knot in the end of your fabric.  Bring your thread down from front to back about 5″ away from where you are stitching.  Your knot will show on the front and your needle should now be in back.  Start stitching your project and when you get to the end of your thread, weave your end in on the back.  Snip the knot on the front and weave that end in as well.

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Get Untangled

embroidery thread

Today here is a speedy tip to decrease the amount of knots that may occur while you’re stitching.  When you talk to your other stitching friends and they start complaining about the knots, you will be the superstar who can show them a new trick.

It’s so simple and sweet, are you ready?  Pull one strand out at a time, then put them back together for the amount of strands that you need.

What I did wrong for the longest time was pull the amount of strands that I needed out together.  If I needed two, I just pulled both of them at the same time, threaded my needle, and went on my way.  Little did I know that the constant knotting was caused by trying to save time at the beginning.  It was frustrating and that’s the last thing I want you to feel while you’re learning to stitch.

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Pretty Stitch Palette: Taste of Autumn

pretty stitch palette: taste of autumn

This is the delectable color palette we are using for the month of October in our Taste of Stitching patterns.  I love the unexpected loveliness of the teal with the other autumn colors.

If you stitch something with these colors I would love to see it.  Find me on instagram @lovelymesses and tag your photo with #lovelymesses and #prettystitchpalette.  Let’s fill up those feeds with color!

Create With Running Stitch


If you like instant gratification, and who doesn’t, you will love our first project.  One stitch, one color, under one hour to complete. With running stitch you will feel like an instant stitch expert.  It’s quick to pick up and the relaxation will begin as you repeat the simple swell of up and down movement.

Check out the running stitch tutorial and then let me know if you have any questions.

Are you missing the project pattern?  Download it here.

Once your finished, share your hoop with us on instagram.  Just tag your photo with #tasteofstitching so we don’t miss it!

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