31 Days to Discovering Your Gifts

Welcome to Bloom. 31 days to discovering your gifts.

Each new post will be added here so you have an easy place to find what you’re looking for.  Scroll down for day 1 below.

Day 2: Find Yourself Within the Lines

Day 3: Let Me Count the Ways

Day 4: Creativity is a Daily Adventure

Day 5: Leap of Faith

Day 6: Make it Happen

Day 7: Punch Fear in the Face

Day 8: Procrastinators Unite . . . Tomorrow

Day 9: Finding Time

Day 10: Overcome Overwhelm with Thanks

Day 11: Positivity Rules

Day 12: Fall on Your Face, Just Get Back up Again

Day 13: Experiment

Day 14: What Will You Try?

Day 15: The Supply Hunt

Day 16: Playdate For One Please

Day 17: Let’s Get it Started

Day 18: Fun or Fail or Both

Day 19: Allow Your Beginnerness

Day 20: Life Begins

Day 21: Exploring Your Loves

Day 22: The Creative Journey

Day 23: Finding Your Happy

Day 24: Edge Pushing

Day 25: Pushed Around, in a Good Way

Day 26: Herringbone Pattern DIY

Day 27: Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup

Day 28: Continue the Journey

Day 29: Embrace Your Art

Day 30: Release Your Expectations

Day 31: Peaceful Purpose

Gift Wrap Ideas

Let’s join each other on an adventure this month.  A journey of new ideas and exploration of ourselves and what we love to do.  Each day we are going to move through a simple activity to help rediscover or develop the gifts within us.

The next 31 days are going to help us engage, experiment, explore and expand the gifts within.  Maybe you will uncover something you didn’t even know was there.

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I’m still a newbie when it comes to twitter but I thought it might be fun to connect over there using #bloom31.

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Lovely Messes


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21 thoughts on “31 Days to Discovering Your Gifts

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