The Stitch Experience Has Arrived

I am beyond thrilled excited that my new kits are available to all of you!!  They can be the tool you have been looking for to help you find peace and rest in your daily life.  This could be your way to finally achieve simpler living and a less hectic schedule.  That is huge!

I absolutely believe that stitching is the perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.  It’s simple to learn and effectively lowers your stress levels while allowing you to create something beautiful.

Three color choices are available.

Dive into the dazzling blues of the deep blue sea while stitching this hoop aptly named Into the Deep.  A mixture of deep aqua, soft teal, and frothy cream creates your own little ocean in a hoop.  Imagine the waves crashing while you stitch and achieve ultimate relaxation.

Stitch Experience - Into the Deep

The crackling noise of a soothing fire will invade your mind as you stitch By the Fireside, carrying you away to a state of relaxation.  The mingling of deep ruby, muted salmon, and glowing sand create a blazing fire in your hoop.

Stitch Experience - By the Fireside

Coral Reef Dive sends you on an underwater journey.  Plunge into your own coral reef dive by stitching up a blend of brilliant aqua, vivid coral, and soothing mint.

Stitch Experience - Coral Reef Dive

The kits are also available to purchase on Etsy if you prefer to shop there.

For a chance to win a free kit tell me what color you love the best either in the comments below or on twitter, FB, or instagram.  Make sure to tag your comment with #stitchexperience so I can find you!

If you have any questions about the kits please contact me at I would be so happy to help!

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White Space in a World Full of Noise


My day begins with the beeping of the third snooze alarm going off at the exact time that I need to wake up my son for school.  My coffee brews during the mad rush to get him fed, lunch packed, and out the door with my husband.  As soon as they leave I turn to the sound of little feet on the stairs.  My other son is awake and ready for breakfast.  After getting him settled I notice my cold coffee on the counter.  My coffee goes in the microwave to heat up and during that 30 seconds I hear the baby.  Off I go to get her up and dressed and fed. . .

You can imagine the rush that is the rest of the day.  Maybe it’s similar to yours with it’s surging stream of constant movement; the endless activity of social media, the nonstop yearning for more, and the perpetual state of productivity that we are expected to live up to.

Recognizing the Noise

I lived in the constant chaos for years, it didn’t matter how many kids I had at the time, it was always something.

After a trip to Kenya in 2012 I woke up to how busy I truly was and I craved change.  I started devouring blogs on simple living and minimalism.  My schedule and my stuff became overwhelming to me but in the midst of pregnancy and then the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn I didn’t take much action.

But I finally reached a breaking point.  I could not handle three kids with this type of lifestyle and I was losing it both physically and mentally.

Learning to Live With Purpose

I was tired of mindlessly going through my days reacting to whatever was happening around me and wasting hours of time with things that didn’t really matter to me.

A few major things changed.

  • I started waking up early and I have been successfully doing that for about 6 months (despite being a night owl before).  I had to sacrifice staying up late, but it has been a wonderful adjustment.  Now I enjoy hot coffee and prayer to better prepare myself for the day.
  • I started ruthlessly getting rid of stuff everywhere I could.  There is still room to get rid of things, but I think it would backfire and the rest of the family would become hoarders!
  • I stepped away from the internet and social media.  Not completely, but I am very aware of how much time I am on it and choose to limit myself.  I’m also aware of the example I’m setting for my kids and didn’t want them to remember me being attached to my phone or computer for their whole childhood.

I still have many things I want to work on but small changes stick better than large ones. I’m choosing to be comfortable with where I am at, being thankful for the progress I’ve made and not overwhelming myself with everything I want to change.

Does Stitching Really Play a Role?

I started to realize why I looked forward to stitching at the end of the day.  It relaxed me and brought me closer to the quiet I was craving.

The number one objection I hear when I tell people I stitch is that they don’t have the patience for that.  I see it another way.  It’s not about the finished project and maybe that’s what they think about when they say they aren’t patient enough.

It’s all about the process, it doesn’t matter when a project is finished or if it is ever finished really. Just picking up a stitching project and letting the repetition carry away the worries of the day is where I find the joy and peace.  That is why I stitch.  It helps me be still, allows me to process my day, and is an excuse to sit and rest.

That’s all that I hope for with the stitch experience kits.  That they will allow you to find space and that tiny bit of quiet will help you discover more ways to slow down.

The Stitch Experience Kit by Lovely Messes
A simple stitch kit can lead you to a lifestyle filled with white space.  Filled with more joy and purpose and peace.  To be the first to own one sign up here.


I am learning every single day how to live slow, to meander through my days like a softly bubbling stream instead of rushing through it like a thunderous overflowing river.  It’s not easy, I feel like I’m swimming up stream against other people’s expectations and the flow of our culture, but it is worth it.

“If your life has no margin, no space for rest and reading and music and walks in the park, then you must cultivate that space on purpose and protect it from all the things that would threaten to choke it out.” ~Edie Wadsworth,

Do you need more margin in your day?  Do you need a tool to help you get there?  A stitch experience kit could be all that you need to start creating that quiet space.  Be the first to own one here.

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How to Turn a Tree Into Your Next Stitch Project

Now that you’ve learned to backstitch, use your new skill by stepping out into nature and finding something to stitch.  I wrote about how trees and water are two of my favorite things to find inspiration from.  The following video shows you my process so that you have an idea of how to sketch your very own pattern.

Backstitch allows you to create simple and beautiful line art.  Nature offers you one of the easiest ways to find stitching inspiration.  The two together will guide you to a place of peace in your day.

Habit Building Exercise

Make a deliberate choice to stitch today for five minutes.  Instead of saying “I don’t have time” think about some things you can eliminate that aren’t leading you to relaxation.  If social media is stressing you out today, choose to stitch instead.  Our free time is dictated by our choices, find stress or find peace.

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Nature Walk to Relaxation (A Backstitch Tutorial)

Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.  ~John Muir

Many people long for the outdoors, the fresh air and natural smells.  A walk in the woods does wonders for the soul with it’s earthy freshness and quiet stillness with only the skittering of squirrels and melodic bird songs.

Most people will agree that when they take the time to be outside they feel more peaceful. When a person is asked where their favorite place to vacation is, it’s no surprise that the majority will say the beach or the mountains.

But what if we could enjoy a taste of nature everyday and really savor it instead of just counting down the days until the weekend or your next vacation.  When you stitch outside or find inspiration to stitch in nature, you can bring the outdoors with you anywhere.

Today I want to share a tutorial on how to backstitch.  It is one of the most versatile and relaxing stitches and very easy to learn.  Tomorrow I will share my process for how I observe things in nature to create a pattern to stitch.  Then you can backstitch away everyday!

I made a free worksheet for you to download with the backstitch instructions and simple practice patterns.

Backstitch Worksheet

Backstitch Tutorial Try

Backstitch Tutorial - Lovely Messes

Backstitch Tips - Lovely Messes

Don’t forget to download your free Backstitch Worksheet.  Punch some holes and keep it in a binder for a quick reference guide.

What will you stitch using backstitch?

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A Deluge of Ideas in 10 Minutes

I find inspiration for stitching everywhere, but one of my favorite places to look is outside. Nature is filled with so many fascinating patterns and shapes.  There are endless possibilities to spark your imagination.  To show you what I mean I’ll tell you about my two favorites.


Inspiration for stitching - Lovely Messes

From the bark to the leaves to the branches, I could create a new stitched piece every day just from trees.

  • Summertime trees are all about the wonderful leaf shapes and vibrant greens to inspire a thread choice.
  • Fall trees burst with glorious color palettes to indulge in and twisty veined leaves fall to the ground just calling to be stitched.
  • Winter trees bare all and their twisting branches create endless ideas for lines to stitch.
  • Spring trees with their dramatic new looks covered in fresh flowers call to be sketched on fabric.

No matter what season intricate tree bark will drive you to the hoop to get stitching too.


Inspiration for stitching - Lovely Messes

Whether tranquil ponds, wild oceans, raindrops on the window, or snowflakes falling from the sky, water in all it’s forms will invigorate your mind with stitch ideas.

I can see hoops designed from ripples on a pond, ocean waves, and even splashes at the pool.

With it’s ever changing shapes and patterns, water will continually draw you to stitch it.

The best part about trees and water is that you can find them just about anywhere.  No matter what part of the world, whether you have seasons or not, inspiration is just outside your door.

Habit Building Exercise

A daily 10 minute walk added to your day will boost your ability to slow down and enjoy the world around you.  Plus you get an added exercise bonus.  Take a camera with you to capture patterns that delight you, then go home and stitch them up.  Even better, take your stitching outside with you.

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