Gathered Goodness

Gathered Goodness
I have been having a ton of fun participating in the #CTMonthInTheLife photo challenge hosted by Jess at Create and Thrive.  Every day we had a prompt and I even got featured on raw materials day!  I’ve found a bunch of wonderful new artists and have followed some amazing new feeds as well.  If you haven’t yet, head over to instagram to check it out.

My boys are back in school this week and I’ve been trying to fill up hours of time with a toddler.  Luckily there are some amazing resources for things to do with toddlers.  If you’re in the same boat check out The Nurture Store.  I have followed her on pinterest since my oldest was little, so many fun and simple ideas.

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My Favorite Embroidery Tools (a Perfect Starter Kit)

Embroidery Tools
I’m breaking down another barrier between you and your first stitching project.  After today you will know what you need to start stitching, so no more excuses about not knowing what supplies to choose.  Are you ready?  Here are my favorite supplies and, wouldn’t you know, they would make a fantastic starter kit for you.

Needles – Any embroidery needle will do, but these embroidery needles are the ones I send out in my kits.

Embroidery floss – I learned how to stitch using DMC floss so I’m a bit biased.  There are all kinds of threads that you can learn to stitch with, but I usually stick to good old DMC. There are a ton of colors and I find them at my local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and a very limited stash at Walmart.  An assorted color pack is a great way to start with a variety of colors.  You can also grab the new DMC color assortment.

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End Summer With a Splash of Color

Citrus Berry Burst Embroidery Kit Infinity Embroidery Kit Honeymaker Embroidery Kit Imagine taking a stroll down the colorful streets of Curacao, stepping off a cruise ship into a festival of teals and yellows, or lounging on a time worn bench along Amsterdam’s canals.

Traveling around the world is easy when you stitch up the newest hoops inspired by architecture found in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Learn the lazy daisy stitch with our Citrus Berry Burst kit, back stitch and chain stitch with our Infinity kit, or back stitch and satin stitch with our Honeymaker kit.

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Lazy Daisy Stitch

lazy daisy stitch Since I was a kid just learning to stitch, lazy daisy has been a favorite.  Probably because I’m a girl and probably because it makes cute flowers.  Now that I’ve played and experimented more with this stitch I know that it’s so much more than the cute flower stitch.  This stitch is super fun and versatile.  Each “petal” can be stitched in a ton of different ways.  All that to say this is one stitch you probably want to learn early on.  By the way, if you’ve already learned chain stitch, this should be pretty darn easy for you.  It’s other name is detached chain stitch.

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My Very Own Brand New Studio

studio space I have always worked in the margins.  My time to work is found in the mornings before kids are up, during naptimes, or after they go to bed (it seems this part of my life revolves around when they are sleeping).  That’s probably a good thing.

My workspace has always been in the margins too.  The end of the kitchen table, a corner of our bedroom, a shared homeschool room/art studio.  But, it was always mine.  I knew when I was in that space, no matter how small, it was time to focus and create.  If you haven’t found a nook for your creative self, stop right now and go make room.  That is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself today.

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