Create With Running Stitch


If you like instant gratification, and who doesn’t, you will love our first project.  One stitch, one color, under one hour to complete. With running stitch you will feel like an instant stitch expert.  It’s quick to pick up and the relaxation will begin as you repeat the simple swell of up and down movement.

Check out the running stitch tutorial and then let me know if you have any questions.

Are you missing the project pattern?  Download it here.

Once your finished, share your hoop with us on instagram.  Just tag your photo with #tasteofstitching so we don’t miss it!

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Beginner Stitch Beauty

Running Stitch Scarf

Running stitch scarf found on Purl Bee

Running stitch to many is the absolute basic embroidery stitch.  But just because it is for beginners does not mean you can’t continue to use it and experiment.  Depending on the colors used and the patterns you might try, running stitch can be used to create lots of modern projects.  The best part about it is you don’t really have to think about this one.  The repetition can be very relaxing, which is the whole point of stitching around these parts.

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Gather Supplies


Before you can start your project, you will need to gather some basic supplies.

1/4 yard of white fabric, cut into 4 six inch squares leaving you some extra to practice with – my favorite is Kona cotton (can be found at Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and Hancock Fabrics)


4″ embroidery hoop – you only need one to stitch, but if you want to hang them on the wall grab four.


DMC thread in the following colors: 606, 720, 729, 3774, 3847

Patterns and instructions (Download them here if you haven’t yet)

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Taste of Stitching for 31 Days

Welcome to a Taste of Stitching. 31 days of embroidery.

Each new post will be added here so you have an easy place to find what you’re looking for.  Scroll down for day 1 below.

Day 2: Gather Supplies

Day 3: Beginner Stitch Beauty

Day 4: Geometric Stitch Inspiration

Day 5: Create With Running Stitch


Grab a spoon (needle?) and join me as we sample the basics of stitching for 31 days.  With a delectable color palette and detailed instructions, you can go from not being able to sew a button on anything to stitching up gorgeous projects with ease.

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