Wow, Thanksgiving was a busy week around here.  We had a houseful, 11 people!  Plus my mom and dad had a houseful and served the meal.  It was so delicious and we had a great time with family!

Now I am in Christmas mode, we are already decorated for the most part.  Usually it doesn’t happen this early but I was ready plus our December weekends are already booked!

The good thing about the busyness of this season is that it makes the pregnancy go by fast too.  I’m so excited to meet our little girl and so is the whole family!

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Gift of Gratitude

I love the idea behind the hostess gift.  The idea that we are giving something just to say thank you is so simple and pure.  The hostess gift doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, it can even just be a note of gratitude for the event you were invited to.

Luckily for most of us hostess gifts are not expected at all.  This is good because I have never actually given one!  My problem is I never have anything extra around to give as a gift and so I end up going empty handed or I just plain forgot.  What if we started giving them again?  Don’t you think it would make a difference just in our small circle of friends?  If we started being more grateful for the simple, everyday things maybe we would rub off on our friends and family.

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5 Simple Thanksgiving Place Cards

I’ve seen so many cute, simple place card ideas around the web this year so I thought I would round them up in one place for you.  Some of these would take 10 minutes or less to throw together.  That’s my kind of project for the holiday season!

Place cards may not seem like a huge thing but I like to think that it is all in the details. When you pay attention to the little things, even if your guests don’t realize why, you’ve made them feel more at home.

Pumpkin Place Card by Oh Happy Day

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Easy Bunting Tutorial

Here is the bunting tutorial I promised from the chalkboard command center wall.  It was super easy to make, only one line of sewing!


  • Fabric for flags – size of banner will determine how much fabric you need.  You can mix and match or do all the same like I did.
  • Fabric for binding – 3 inch strip x length determined by length of wall or mantel you will be decorating
  • Thread
  • Scissors/rotary cutter
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

1. Cut out your flags – I am not a perfectionist so I pretty much eyeballed the cutting of mine.  I did use a rotary cutter because the lines are straighter than with scissors, but scissors work well too.  The first flag I made ended up being my template for the rest.  You could make your template from a piece of cardstock so you don’t waste any fabric if you make a mistake.

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Everything In It’s Place

Having things organized in our homes leads to more intentional living.  When I know exactly where the stamps are or a screwdriver or a certain spice to cook with it saves me time.  Saving time leads to less stressful moments and smoother days.  For me anyway!

I recently organized our junk drawers, yes plural, it was that bad.  Are you picturing yours in your head right now?

We have been in this house a little over a year and this is the first time I actually went through the stuff that had collected in there.  I realized half of it belonged in other places and that led me to believe I could purge some more and condense it all into one drawer.

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