Day 31 :: The End? No, Just the Beginning.

You know that feeling when you’ve finished a big project.  Your idea takes shape and it makes you happy so you know that all the time spent was worth it?

That’s how I feel today!!!

I still can’t believe I actually wrote for 31 days straight.  For this beginner blogger, this was such a boost in confidence because now I know I can handle a normal amount of posts.

There is so much to learn when starting a blog or any new creative project, it gets hard and frustrating and you feel like stopping.  But, through persevering there is such a sense of accomplishment.  That feeling is totally worth it!

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Day 30 :: Big Ideas

I’ve given my husband the woodworking bug!  There are so many cool projects out there to build, but I’m a bit intimidated to do it myself.  We have to figure out what tools we need, what types of wood are best, what finishes are best, when to sand, and so much more. While I know I could figure it out eventually I thought it might be fun to have a partner.  So, while I was talking about all of the cool projects I’ve been seeing, he said he thought it would be fun to start doing stuff like that and I grabbed him!

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Day 29 :: Value Yourself

Part of giving ourselves the freedom to create needs to involve our view of ourselves.  If we constantly see our faults, which as women we tend to do, how will we ever open ourselves up to our full creative potential.

This quote hit me between the eyes today with truth.

“You won’t be of much value to others if you don’t learn to value yourself and your efforts.”                        –Twyla Tharp, from The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life 

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Day 28 :: A Step Back

Part of being creative is knowing when to take a step back.

It’s ok to put a project on hold. When you go back to that project you will see it with fresh eyes and will be better inspired to finish it.  I have lot’s of works in progress and I don’t see them as burdens or failed projects.

I dabble in a lot of different types of crafts.  While I may enjoy quilting for a while, after some time, I don’t want to look at my sewing machine.  That’s when I end up crocheting again or making cards again or making embroidery again.  The quilts will get finished, just not right now.

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Day 27 :: Super Easy Weekend Project

All that you need for this project is your fingers and some yarn.  It’s called finger knitting and it’s so easy and quick that there is no excuse not to try.  Kids can even do it.

Here is a tutorial for you from Gussy Sews.

And here is some inspiration.

Finger knitted bracelets at V and Co

Finger knit necklace at Dance to the Radio

Finger knit headband at Housing a Forest

Finger knit pillow on Design Sponge

This could be the start to your handmade gifts.  Who can you cross off your list?

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