20 Minute Thanksgiving Mantel + Tutorial

Thanksgiving seems to get bypassed all around the country every year.  Even in our home I don’t usually decorate for Thanksgiving or make it a priority.  Of course we gather with our family to share dinner together, but that day is the only time we think about it.

This year I wanted to make sure we were being thankful all month so we are using this family Thanksgiving activity and the leaves are being added to a piece of twine on the mantel each day.

This mantel was finished in under 20 minutes.  I had a group of friends over for a soup swap last weekend and I wanted to get the Halloween stuff down and something new up.  I hope this will help you see a beautiful mantel doesn’t have to take a lot of time to complete. Just use what you have, pull from other areas of your home, and maybe make a quick DIY to finish it off.

One of the easiest parts about a Thanksgiving mantel is that you can pull nature in and it looks amazing for this time of year.  We have an overabundance of pine cones in our backyard so I used a bunch of those plus a few gourds that I bought a couple of weeks ago.  You could also use branches or fill mason jars with acorns or leaves.

Remember the frame I painted?  It’s now on the mantel with a chalkboard background to write on.  I also added a few candles.  Candles are my favorite thing to add, they make a room so cozy.

It still looked a little bare but I remembered I had some brown packing paper in the garage. I made pinwheels out of those, hung them up, and it looked perfect!

Do you know how to make a pinwheel?  It’s super easy.  Let me show you real quick.

Pinwheel Tutorial

  • Start with a rectangle of paper, the bigger the rectangle the bigger the pinwheel.
  • Fold it accordian style starting at a short end.
  • Fold in half, open up and staple the middle.  I used staples to hold everything together.
  • Bring two sides together to make a half circle and staple together in the back.  Do the same for the other half.
  • If it’s a little wonky trim around the edges with some scissors.
  • Finished!

Not too bad for under 20 minutes, woohoo!  

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